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5 Reasons Rutile Quartz is calling for You

November 2016 | Ruchi Kochhar

Vibration is the core of spirit,
It is the breath of life....
                                                        - Suzy Kassem

Life is a powerful energy force. It attracts what our magnetic energy field/ force envisions and resonates.

Do you attract the positive life force in your life? Do you seek an intuitive vibration for a clear vision and attract harmonious living? If yes, then Gold Rutile Quartz may be a very special find for you. Rutile Quartz has a thread/ needle like inclusion of gold within the stone, that is very powerful. The metaphysical property of the stone has the vibration that carries immense potential energy. Most of the stone comes from Madagascar or Brazil.

StyleAura - Rutile Quartz

Here are 5 reasons the stone may be calling just for you: 

  1. The metaphysical property of the stone energises the body and strengthens mind intuition.
  2. The vibrations of the stone amplifies effective and efficient healing for healers and therapists to filter negative energy.
  3. Attracts good luck and protects the wearer when out on travel trips.
  4. Enhances concentration power and prepares mind for any new challenges.
  5. Fortifies the immune system and helps in a radiant skin.

Connect, feel and vibrate the energy you desire. It's your vision and you see it with clarity and confidence you aspire.

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