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Unleash Power Within with Surina Mangat

July 2018 | StyleAura Admin

When we get on a spiritual journey, we meet souls who take us to experience life events in unique forms. Meet Surina Mangat, the ambassador at School of Awakening who finds a healer to awaken into a whole new world!!!


Life can be a challenge..

How have you, as a woman evolved,

Unleashed power within, to ride over your challenge..


Hi, my name is Surina and I am the ambassador for The School of Awakening. I have the absolute pleasure of working with a phenomenal woman called Sidra Jafri. I have known her for the last 6 years. I wasn’t expecting to meet somebody like her but am glad I did. I have followed a life coaching curriculum, I was a self-expression leadership coach, I was into low of attraction as many of you are, very much into channeling and things but sometime some things were still missing and when I got introduced to Sidra She actually introduced me that we have four bodies. We have emotional, spiritual, mental and physical. I had no idea. I thought we only had a mental and physical and that could be where I was going wrong.

Perceptively life was going very well for me, but I was on my knees with my health challenges and going through her education I was able to really embrace the tool ABC and that had phenomenal results and I was very fortunate enough to be healed without any operations and without any medication and for me that’s just been phenomenal, and I feel I’ve got my life back.

I think if I had to recommend and endorse Sidra Jafri I wouldn’t have enough words to do that. She’s able to look into the timelines, ancestral, current and internal and she’s also able to look into your whole bodies and guide us and educate us as to how we can master knowing our bodies very well and understanding that we are actually spiritual beings having human experience and for me that was 95% of the solution.

Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity.
- Hippocrates

Stay Tuned as We Take You to Sidra Jafri Herself...


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