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Unleash Power Within with Bhakti Sanghvi

May 2018 | StyleAura Admin

She believes in beauty of her dreams, hence crafting a life of her vision. When there was little to hold on to, her power of belief in the energy of healing art became her pillar of strength. She unleashed the power within to find a path to live her dream... Watch How...


Life can be a challenge..

How have you, as a woman evolved,

Unleashed Power Within, to ride over your challenge..


My name is Bhakti Sanghvi and I am the owner of the company DreamCraft Events and Entertainment and I am also the owner of Karnataka Warriors, the celebrity Kannada team of the film industry which competes in the celebrity badminton league. I predominantly work with corporate organisations; mainly I deal with HR managers, marketing managers, and also brand managers who manage events.

In 2007, I started my company and it was a fantastic beginning, everything was like so picture perfect and we got the recognition what we seeked for, our work was really appreciated by our clients.

But there was a time in 2012 when my husband and I went through a big financial crisis and that was the time where I think we hit our real low, like the lowest of low, and nothing seemed fine, nothing seemed to be working out. Still at that point in time I had my belief that said that things will become alright, things will work out for us.

So, in 2014, I met a healer, true magician named Sidra Jafri. She helped me connect me with myself, and she helped me unlock my energies in three areas of my life, that is – my health, my wealth, and my relationships.

Sidra gifted me a sacred healing art which further helped me unlock my blockages. You may not believe this, but the artwork actually changes its colour, its shape, its form to give one healing energy. This has tremendously helped me in unlocking my energies and this has taken me to a part of success and bliss in all areas of my life like I could have never imagined. I absolutely enjoy observing the healing artwork; it shows my images of gods, it shows me numbers, it shows me animals, and it is absolutely fantastic to watch the healing art and it gives me a great form of healing. I feel absolutely at peace when I watch the artwork.

I firmly believe that all of us will always have challenges and obstacles in our life, no one is really free of them. But the real question to ask is, are you okay to accept those challenges and do nothing about it? Or are you really willing to learn about yourself and go beyond all of this and look for solutions to create a life that you would like to achieve and to create success that you would like to achieve?

And I would like to leave you with one last thought, “If you’re not willing to learn, no one can help you; and if you’re willing to learn, nothing can stop you.”

Healing takes courage,
And we all have courage,
Even if we have to dig
A little to find it…
- Tori Amos


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