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About StyleAura - Why we exist and Who we are?


Who We Are

StyleAura® brings you a wide array of contemporary, classic, in-house designer gemstone handcrafted jewellery for women. We exist in the market to design and craft appealing and high-quality natural stone jewellery for our customers, with an added option for clients to customize their own designs. We source our raw materials from leading worldwide suppliers to offer versatile natural stones that possess unique healing properties with a unique style. Our collection includes designs that add colour and character to your wardrobe. Our expert designers strive to create designs with unique craftsmanship and colour blends that are pleasing and pleasant.

Enjoy our wide range of collections that includes embedded stone cut jewellery essentially contemporary in style designed for a sophisticated look. The styling is for every woman to rediscover and rekindle the joy of connecting with her true inner self. Each creative design work in our showroom is an excellent conversation starter as the natural, hand-cut stones would be the primary source of attraction for any occasion. Located in Bangalore, StyleAura® offers a collection of an exclusive wide variety of natural pearls, hand-cut gemstones, healing crystals that are designed to beautify your inner and outer self.


Our Belief

At StyleAura®, we believe that Jewellery should not only be limited to specific occasional wear, but it's an expression of individual personality and extension of various roles a woman plays in society. Most pieces of Jewellery a woman owns are grand and locked up in a bank locker until an occasion arrives. We believe Jewellery to be an extension of a woman's everyday style statement with versatile design and authenticity of naturally occurring gemstones to craft simple designs suitable for work and casual to semi-formal party wear. We also believe that a gemstone makes the design line unique and attracts the certain natural healing properties of earth stones to enhance the expression of her inner voice that is adorned to stimulate her sensuality of mind, body, and soul. So she believes in her style and is bold enough to express her unique Aura of style and energy.


Our Collections

At StyleAura®, we create exclusive designs that are trendy and versatile. We specialise in statement neckpieces with a limited edition. However, our collection also includes a wide range of necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. Recently we expanded our Necklace collection over chokers, hasli, mid-length, and long-length chains. We use base metal of copper with 22 ct gold plating for designing the jewels with quality gemstones and natural freshwater pearls.
StyleAura Founder - Ruchi Kochhar

Our Founder

Founded in 2010, StyleAura®, studio for the evolved, has carved an exclusive identity as an in-house design studio in Nature stone jewellery with healing properties.

The association of women and Jewellery dates back to more than a thousand years. But the connection between our founder, Ruchi Kochhar and Jewellery was more profound than that. Her attraction to nature stones and their energy, combined with her unique sense of design and colour therapy, inspired her to start an exclusive in-house design studio for women.

"I believe my creations attract women, who seek out jewellery as an art of creative expression in their evolving style and substance".
Her educational background in business management, fashion and Reiki healing led her to carve a unique place among jewellery lovers.