Stylize to Connect and Evolve

Most women live a life of existence, yet few exist to evolve. StyleAura™ designs jewellery for women who want to make a statement. Designs that use natural stones, personify style and expression, uniquely in form of jewellery that connects to her source.

Gorgeous jewellery, essentially contemporary in style, make an ideal and sophisticated look for every woman who is on a journey to discover and rekindle the joy of connecting with her inner self. StyleAura™ specialises in natural hand cut stones in combination with semi-precious beads with healing benefits.

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Layers of Motherhood

It starts with a miraculous first embrace, then the gentle hug of warmth. A stroke of strength with the growing years that toughen each year that passes by. The gentle whisper of lullabies, to the Rock a bye Baby in Cradle, Snow White fairy tales to the Goldilocks and the...

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Giving back to Society

Living is a process to attain fulfilment at many levels. From material comfort to the pleasures of luxury, pride of accomplishments to the ego boost with being in society. The run for more the better can be tiresome and mechanical. Until the track has a clarity of purpose, beyond just...

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Celebrating incarnations of Ma Durga with Gemstones

The stones of nature throw vibrations that connect to various frequencies in form of people and thoughts. Our range is an extension of a connect inspired by nine incarnations of Ma Durga. Agate: is a natural stone that works at all emotional and physical levels. It personifies our first incarnation of...

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Fair, Slim and Beautiful?

Do you have a recollection of the “fair, slim and beautiful girl” standard requirement in matrimonial section of a newspaper? Did it ever occur to you or your family, that if the girl does not fit this standard, she has a reason to worry? To find a “tall, dark and...

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Happy New Year 2017

Thank you all who have been part of our journey, exploring, evolving, connecting and experiencing the joy of creativity in Year passing by... as we get ready to embrace the New Year 2017 ahead for higher and deeper bond between art, creations and the evolved!!! Produced and Edited by Manasi...

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