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Layers of Motherhood

May 2017 | Ruchi Kochhar

It starts with a miraculous first embrace, then the gentle hug of warmth. A stroke of strength with the growing years that toughen each year that passes by.

StyleAura - Mother's Day Special

The gentle whisper of lullabies, to the Rock a bye Baby in Cradle, Snow White fairy tales to the Goldilocks and the Three Bears mystery. The temptations of Winnie the Pooh Bear’s honey, graduating to the encyclopaedias of Know How's of the world. The know your facts to hopping over to the course books in the classroom.

StyleAura - Mother's Day Special

The layers of motherhood bring forth a new face to life and its stages. The comfort and warmth of storytelling in cosy bed to the push of facts of the "Know How's" of the world. The warnings and the alert thrown every step forward, preparing for a firm foot to survive a tough wave. The heart of steel, shines on to help ride this tricky wave and not be knocked over.

StyleAura - Mother's Day Special

A Mother is the beginning, and Motherhood a Journey, that peels many layers to find a true Soul. A Soul, who leads a way to life of comfort, knowledge, challenges, love and heartbreaks, to find a "Path to Life".

StyleAura - Mother's Day Special

Thank you, Mom, to show me a path to life and its journey. You have been truly beautiful in every way and at every peel of emotion.

StyleAura - Mother's Day Special

To the World, you are a Mother... To your family, you are the World
- Anonymous

Photography: Manasi Kochhar

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  • Vandana

    Beautifully penned down Ruchi.. with lots of love and emotions..One of the greatest blessings of everyone’s life has been the privilege of learning from fabulous women around us.. beginning with my mother and grandmother, but including others who have taught me things I would have never grasped on my own. They have made all the difference. 3 cheers for all the mums!!

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