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Layers of Motherhood

It starts with a miraculous first embrace, then the gentle hug of warmth. A stroke of strength with the growing years that toughen each year that passes by.

StyleAura - Mother's Day Special

The gentle whisper of lullabies, to the Rock a bye Baby in Cradle, Snow White fairy tales to the Goldilocks and the Three Bears mystery. The temptations of Winnie the Pooh Bear’s honey, graduating to the encyclopaedias of Know How's of the world. The know your facts to hopping over to the course books in the classroom.

StyleAura - Mother's Day Special

The layers of motherhood bring forth a new face to life and its stages. The comfort and warmth of storytelling in cosy bed to the push of facts of the "Know How's" of the world. The warnings and the alert thrown every step forward, preparing for a firm foot to survive a tough wave. The heart of steel, shines on to help ride this tricky wave and not be knocked over.

StyleAura - Mother's Day Special

A Mother is the beginning, and Motherhood a Journey, that peels many layers to find a true Soul. A Soul, who leads a way to life of comfort, knowledge, challenges, love and heartbreaks, to find a "Path to Life".

StyleAura - Mother's Day Special

Thank you, Mom, to show me a path to life and its journey. You have been truly beautiful in every way and at every peel of emotion.

StyleAura - Mother's Day Special

To the World, you are a Mother... To your family, you are the World
- Anonymous

Photography: Manasi Kochhar

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Celebrating incarnations of Ma Durga with Gemstones

The stones of nature throw vibrations that connect to various frequencies in form of people and thoughts. Our range StyleAura - Prana is an extension of a connect inspired by nine incarnations of Ma Durga.

StyleAura - Agate

Agate: is a natural stone that works at all emotional and physical levels. It personifies our first incarnation of Durga, Sailaputri, an embodiment of power of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.

StyleAura - Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz: is a stone of love and connects to second incarnation of Durga, Brahmacharini, who personifies love and loyalty.

StyleAura - Moon Stone

Moon Stone: also, called "Chandrakant" in Sanskrit, is a mystical gemstone with the energy of moon that attracts good fortune and psychic abilities. It personifies third incarnation of Durga, Chandrakanta, who wears semicircular moon (Chandra) on her forehead and signifies Peace.

StyleAura - Rutile Quartz

Rutile Quartz: also, known as Angel's Hair, is a crystal of truth that boosts creativity. It personifies our fourth incarnation of Durga, Saraswati, goddess of knowledge, music, art and science.

StyleAura - Mother of Pearl

Mother of Pearl: a home of pearls with gentle power of the sea, relaxing, soothing and calming to emotions. It personifies fifth form of Durga, Skandamata, her name comes from Skanda (war) and Mata (mother) who carries her baby Murugan in her lap, granting oceans of wisdom.

StyleAura - Druzy

Druzy: is a mineral stone that grows slowly over millions of years with coating of molten rocks in volcanic areas of earth with ground water flowing and helps overcoming the fear at various levels. It personifies sixth form of Durga, Katyayani, a fierce form of Shakti created out of spontaneous anger of Gods, eventually slaying the demon, Mahishasura. She inspires devotees to face challenges to inherit strength within.

StyleAura - Smokey Quartz

Smokey Quartz: is a rare stone, naturally irradiated dark brown to black in colour with detoxifying properties, heals trauma and enhances courage and inner strength. It personifies our seventh form of Durga, Kalaratri who represents death of Kaal, appearing as dark night for demons.

StyleAura - Baroque Pearl

Baroque Pearl: is undefined irregular shaped pearl grown in fresh water with healing property of purity and tranquility. It personifies our eight form of Durga, Mahagauri, white as shell and bright as ray of lightning, radiating peace and compassion.

StyleAura - Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz: is master healer that amplifies energy and the effect of other crystals. It personifies ninth form of Durga, Siddhidatri, the ultimate of female goddess worshiped by all other gods having achieved all eight Siddhi's.

StyleAura - Celebrating incarnations of Durga with Gemstones

The celebration of Navratri may end with the worship of all nine forms of goddess Durga, but the vibrations of the auspicious stones will remain and continue to connect and tune to a life of endless bliss.

"If you wish to understand the universe, think of energy, frequency and vibrations"
~Nikola Tesla.

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Fair, Slim and Beautiful?

Do you have a recollection of the “fair, slim and beautiful girl” standard requirement in matrimonial section of a newspaper? Did it ever occur to you or your family, that if the girl does not fit this standard, she has a reason to worry? To find a “tall, dark and handsome boy”, the girl needs to be “fair, slim and beautiful”?

Alas! Not anymore. Thanks to the confidence and persistence of the new age women, they finally connect to the beauty in their uniquest form. Rather, beauty finds a new dimension.

This International Women’s Day month, StyleAura interacted with many such beautiful women of substance. Corporate Diva 2017, was one such event, where women from diverse professions came together to walk the ramp. The endless list of their achievements in profession, made them walk tall in confidence and feel beautiful with every step forward they took on the ramp. To pamper their spirit in form of makeover, professional photo shoot, designer clothes and jewellery, was a bonus to the years of hard work and sweat put in to add a new dimension to beauty.

StyleAura Contemporary Jewellery Partner Corporate Diva 2017 StyleAura Contemporary Jewellery Partner Corporate Diva 2017
StyleAura Contemporary Jewellery Partner Corporate Diva 2017 StyleAura Contemporary Jewellery Partner Corporate Diva 2017
StyleAura Contemporary Jewellery Partner Corporate Diva 2017 StyleAura Contemporary Jewellery Partner Corporate Diva 2017

Yet another event, that captured the women of substance, was Wonders Of Woman (WOW) Season 2. The women took time off from the fight against big challenges in life, and faced the audience with pride, in designer clothes and model like posture, to tell their nerve chilling story of being unsung women heroes. Each one was a showstopper with the uniqueness of character that empowered them to feel beautiful with the scars of pain overcome with their fighting spirit.

StyleAura Partner WOW2 StyleAura Partner WOW2

StyleAura salutes the women evolving to style up their life journey with colours of passion, determination, positivity and strength. Now that’s what we call, “beautiful”. The new dimension of “beautiful” can’t be defined, but surely be felt by every woman uniquely and effectively.

Beauty is not in the face; Beauty is a light in heart.
- Kahlil Gibran

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Happy New Year 2017

Thank you all who have been part of our journey, exploring, evolving, connecting and experiencing the joy of creativity in Year passing by... as we get ready to embrace the New Year 2017 ahead for higher and deeper bond between art, creations and the evolved!!!

Produced and Edited by Manasi Kochhar

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Six Years and Evolving...

October 9... what better day for StyleAura to complete it's 6 year journey today as we share the auspicious festivity of Maha Durga ashtmi. Our sincere gratitude to all the lovely people who have helped us walk this path, steady, yet strong...

StyleAura began it's journey on October 9, 2010

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