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Giving back to Society

April 2017 | Ruchi Kochhar

Living is a process to attain fulfilment at many levels. From material comfort to the pleasures of luxury, pride of accomplishments to the ego boost with being in society. The run for more the better can be tiresome and mechanical. Until the track has a clarity of purpose, beyond just accomplishments. It’s the purpose of giving back to society, that enriches the soul with a vigour to go miles, before we sleep.

One such day, was a day with joy of giving. Hosted by Rachita Atal and Lovely Malhotra, as Lovely opened the doors of her warm house and garden, to bring in a few designers to showcase their creatives in form of clothes, jewellery and art. The proceeds from the sales go towards the charity, MustEducate and Ummeed.

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MustEducate, co-founded by Rachita, is a non-profit organization committed to the cause of education for the underprivileged children. They help renovate and build libraries in the local government schools. Till date, they have created seven libraries in Whitefield, Bengaluru, India area.

Ummeed, founded by Lovely, works for the empowerment & uplift of women in the underprivileged sections of the society with special emphasis on their health, hygiene & education. They aim to provide a ray of hope by identifying opportunities and involving themselves in activities which will result in improvement of the standard of living of women and by raising funds to support organisations which are already working in these areas.

 Organisers  Bonding over Event
 Susan  Shopping for a cause
Art Stair Case

A brief intro about our hostesses. Rachita is a seasoned professional with experience in software development, management and entrepreneurship in US & India. Lovely is a tireless sociopreneur who champions for charities such as Food for Cause and Breast cancer awareness.

Thank you Rachita and Lovely for your vision and organising this Fun Charity Event. Also thanks to all who visited to support the cause. The house was a storehouse of some high energy. With a fine purpose and a wonderful support team, it sure was a day to remember.

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