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Ever Heard of Buying a Feeling?

July 2019 | Ruchi Kochhar

A mothers treasure is her daughter
And their love remains a legacy.

Despite the complexed and distressed times, it is one of the most amazing and captivating relationship in one’s life.

To express this, we have chosen a few classic stones that symbolise the enduring bond between the precious mother-daughter relationship.

  1. Swarovski Pearls:

    The luminous appearance of the Swarovski pearl exhibits the lustre and magic of a relationship, one of its kind.

    StyleAura - Swarovski Pearls

    Swarovski pearl is a classic timeless piece that possesses the quality of being resilient and hard to damage. It is symbolic of an ideal mother-daughter relationship, inclusive of endless love impossible to be scared.

    StyleAura - Swarovski Pearls

  1. Baroque Pearls:

    The variable shape and colour of baroque pearls resemble the bumps and the dips, the ups and the downs that are faced between a mother and daughter.

    StyleAura - Baroque Pearls

    However, there remains universal beauty through all the phases and the changes in a relationship. Just as, the baroque pearl remains stunning and thrilling in all its forms.

    StyleAura - Baroque Pearls

  1. Pink Corals:

    The bright colour of the pink corals resonates with the playful nature of a mother and daughter while discovering the world of love between them.

    StyleAura - Pink Corals

    Pink corals, known for attracting good fortune and success since ancient times, co-relates to the mother’s love that wards off all negativity coming in the way of her beloved daughter’s success, as pink corals are known to have the power to purify negative energy.

    StyleAura - Pink Corals

These stones are the expression of the most profound relationship, bringing out the character with a purpose beyond external beauty. It’s a feeling of love, passed on as a legacy.

At StyleAura®, we believe in making more than just an object of beauty… we create a feeling of gratitude, love and warmth.

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