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Ever Heard of Buying a Feeling?

Ever Heard of Buying a Feeling?

A mothers treasure is her daughter
And their love remains a legacy.

Despite the complexed and distressed times, it is one of the most amazing and captivating relationship in one’s life.

To express this, we have chosen a few classic stones that symbolise the enduring bond between the precious mother-daughter relationship.

  1. Swarovski Pearls:

    The luminous appearance of the Swarovski pearl exhibits the lustre and magic of a relationship, one of its kind.

    StyleAura - Swarovski Pearls

    Swarovski pearl is a classic timeless piece that possesses the quality of being resilient and hard to damage. It is symbolic of an ideal mother-daughter relationship, inclusive of endless love impossible to be scared.

    StyleAura - Swarovski Pearls

  1. Baroque Pearls:

    The variable shape and colour of baroque pearls resemble the bumps and the dips, the ups and the downs that are faced between a mother and daughter.

    StyleAura - Baroque Pearls

    However, there remains universal beauty through all the phases and the changes in a relationship. Just as, the baroque pearl remains stunning and thrilling in all its forms.

    StyleAura - Baroque Pearls

  1. Pink Corals:

    The bright colour of the pink corals resonates with the playful nature of a mother and daughter while discovering the world of love between them.

    StyleAura - Pink Corals

    Pink corals, known for attracting good fortune and success since ancient times, co-relates to the mother’s love that wards off all negativity coming in the way of her beloved daughter’s success, as pink corals are known to have the power to purify negative energy.

    StyleAura - Pink Corals

These stones are the expression of the most profound relationship, bringing out the character with a purpose beyond external beauty. It’s a feeling of love, passed on as a legacy.

At StyleAura®, we believe in making more than just an object of beauty… we create a feeling of gratitude, love and warmth.

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Unleash Power Within with Sidra Jafri

Do you look inward to seek answers to your challenges in life? Purity of intension creates magic in many forms Watch how Sidra Jafri looked within to heal herself and the world in form of art.


Life can be a challenge..

How have you, as a woman evolved,

Unleashed power within, to ride over your challenge..


Hello, my name is Sidra Jafri and I’m the author of the book, The Awakening, 9 Principals of finding the courage to change your life. And I’m here today discussing how awakening changed my life and there was time in my life, when I was struggling in my life over depression not knowing why things are happening in my life. This is where Awakening found me. I hope Awakening finds you and makes a difference in your life as much as it did to my life.

We were one of 3 girls and the whole time we grew up hearing how boys are better. Now bearing in mind, we all have our little challenges when we are going through the childhood. Then life changed and got married and moved to a different country and even though I as an adult was living a perceptively good life, meaning I had a good husband, I had 2 boys, yet something inside me didn’t allow me to feel happy and I began the journey of going inside my body and that’s how I discovered the tool called accessing body consciousness where I went inside my body and found out where is this depression coming from. And is this depression really from me or is this from somebody else’s thought. And that really opened up a new way of awakening inside me.

So healing art is a perfect way to reflect what is happening is inside. It comes from the concept that everything is energy and energy contains information. If you really bring down the human beings or human body’s organ to complete human energy, you will find the 7 chakras which are also known the wheel of life, that have radiating each colour. Red, Orange, Gold, Green, Blue, and you have Lilac and Purple going all the way. And they are nature’s way of expressing I would say emotion. So I use the way nature expresses itself with colours and in code or law of intension I call it something as life reflective therapy use the power of the Purple. Let’s say wisdom, Gold which is Self-knowledge, White is Purity, Green is Purpose, and Orange is Creativity. So the idea here is when you put the sacred healing art, as we call it, why we call it the sacred healing art is because the healing happens when the purity of intension happens. So the arts are created with the purity of intension and wherever they are put, they radiate the colours and the expressions of those colours in their environment so you come into the presence of the art and you start to feel open. You start to feel different because the arts that are radiating this is connecting with the energy of your energy centers and unblocking your chakras.

So then, would it mean that different art would have a different meaning to different people because they would take away the colours in different forms, the shapes in different form?

Which is why the Sacred Healing art is the best ways incorporates in the schools which I am really hoping that people accept, is a way of negotiation and resolving conflict. Because for example you are at work and you have a project and you have an idea. And somebody else has a different idea, they have their own idea then we could get into war of ego and say that I’m right, no I’m right. But image those two people are looking at these arts and one say I can see Ganesha and other one says, what are you talking about, I can see Krishna. Now we say instead of fighting no I can see Ganesha and you could say I can see Krishna because it is non egoistical, it’s not our agenda, I can tell you how I can see Ganesha, because I can see a big eye here a long this so this is my Ganesha and then you can say, but hey but I can see a flute and Krishna with a flute and now we are talking about it and I can see Krishna in you and you are able to see Ganesha in me and then when we go for meeting together then suddenly when I’m bringing my idea on  the project table and you are bringing in your idea to project table, and when I’m saying your mind is naturally aligned in agreement of seeing each other’s point of view so you are naturally more receptive to each other and seeing difference of opinion without getting into the barrier of ego.

I see a beautiful bird out there…

Now do you just look at the person and understand the aura and energy of the person around and then be able to pick and choose the colours to go on to the canvas?

Which is why each of these arts are bespoke. We have ranges. The one with the glitter is called manifestation ranges. These are the series when you want to create the environment, in somewhere that you want to experience, wisdom, self-knowledge, so you put that one. Then we have the healing ranges, the fertility ranges where when you want some person to release the toxicity then you have a different range. So then each art is created with a specific intension and with that intension the colour is in mind, the symbols are in mind so it’s not just a random splash of colours. It is a vibrational intension of being the reflection of the person who’s holding it and the person who’s activating it. So they come into with a decoder and they come with an activation code.

So everybody would have a different code?

Hmmm everybody would have a different code and they’ll see a different way. For example if you seeing a bird, it means the art is showing you a vision because bird represents the highest vision. If somebody else is seeing something else, as a dragon, with the golden then that means new ideas are coming. So, then the arts come in with a decoder and it’s not just a normal art, that you can put it out. The arts talk to you and you can have a care review of seeing how life is changing as a result of just seeing the life reflective therapy.

So when you truly awaken your senses, you will realize that whatever you see outside, of you is only a little reflection of you and it’s your consciousness that creates a meaning of that event. And if you are really want to find a solution in your life and you want to solve the mysteries of your relationships then instead of looking outside, look inside and see who’s reflecting back in the mirror and start from yourself so when you change the way you look at things and when you change the way you are seeing at things, things that you experience begin to change.

Just like the Awakening found me, and allowed me to find where my depression was coming from, was it really mine or was it my mother’s desire to have a boy that was the one that was causing me so much disempowerment in my life and my gift to each and every one of you is the fact that you are watching this means part of you is looking to awaken that’s looking to connect with the light that is guided for you.

So, join me every Sunday on conscious upgrade chat at 9 30 pm IST where we spend an hour in consciousness and   awaken all those parts that are looking to raise its bar and live a life you truly desired.

Times are changing...
Befriend change and release the struggle.
Resistance to change creates suffering,
May you accept all creations.
- Sidra Jafri


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Unleash Power Within with Surina Mangat

When we get on a spiritual journey, we meet souls who take us to experience life events in unique forms. Meet Surina Mangat, the ambassador at School of Awakening who finds a healer to awaken into a whole new world!!!


Life can be a challenge..

How have you, as a woman evolved,

Unleashed power within, to ride over your challenge..


Hi, my name is Surina and I am the ambassador for The School of Awakening. I have the absolute pleasure of working with a phenomenal woman called Sidra Jafri. I have known her for the last 6 years. I wasn’t expecting to meet somebody like her but am glad I did. I have followed a life coaching curriculum, I was a self-expression leadership coach, I was into low of attraction as many of you are, very much into channeling and things but sometime some things were still missing and when I got introduced to Sidra She actually introduced me that we have four bodies. We have emotional, spiritual, mental and physical. I had no idea. I thought we only had a mental and physical and that could be where I was going wrong.

Perceptively life was going very well for me, but I was on my knees with my health challenges and going through her education I was able to really embrace the tool ABC and that had phenomenal results and I was very fortunate enough to be healed without any operations and without any medication and for me that’s just been phenomenal, and I feel I’ve got my life back.

I think if I had to recommend and endorse Sidra Jafri I wouldn’t have enough words to do that. She’s able to look into the timelines, ancestral, current and internal and she’s also able to look into your whole bodies and guide us and educate us as to how we can master knowing our bodies very well and understanding that we are actually spiritual beings having human experience and for me that was 95% of the solution.

Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity.
- Hippocrates

Stay Tuned as We Take You to Sidra Jafri Herself...


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To learn more about School of Awakening

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UK (Gold): +44 203 371 7102
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Unleash Power Within with Bhakti Sanghvi

She believes in beauty of her dreams, hence crafting a life of her vision. When there was little to hold on to, her power of belief in the energy of healing art became her pillar of strength. She unleashed the power within to find a path to live her dream... Watch How...


Life can be a challenge..

How have you, as a woman evolved,

Unleashed Power Within, to ride over your challenge..


My name is Bhakti Sanghvi and I am the owner of the company DreamCraft Events and Entertainment and I am also the owner of Karnataka Warriors, the celebrity Kannada team of the film industry which competes in the celebrity badminton league. I predominantly work with corporate organisations; mainly I deal with HR managers, marketing managers, and also brand managers who manage events.

In 2007, I started my company and it was a fantastic beginning, everything was like so picture perfect and we got the recognition what we seeked for, our work was really appreciated by our clients.

But there was a time in 2012 when my husband and I went through a big financial crisis and that was the time where I think we hit our real low, like the lowest of low, and nothing seemed fine, nothing seemed to be working out. Still at that point in time I had my belief that said that things will become alright, things will work out for us.

So, in 2014, I met a healer, true magician named Sidra Jafri. She helped me connect me with myself, and she helped me unlock my energies in three areas of my life, that is – my health, my wealth, and my relationships.

Sidra gifted me a sacred healing art which further helped me unlock my blockages. You may not believe this, but the artwork actually changes its colour, its shape, its form to give one healing energy. This has tremendously helped me in unlocking my energies and this has taken me to a part of success and bliss in all areas of my life like I could have never imagined. I absolutely enjoy observing the healing artwork; it shows my images of gods, it shows me numbers, it shows me animals, and it is absolutely fantastic to watch the healing art and it gives me a great form of healing. I feel absolutely at peace when I watch the artwork.

I firmly believe that all of us will always have challenges and obstacles in our life, no one is really free of them. But the real question to ask is, are you okay to accept those challenges and do nothing about it? Or are you really willing to learn about yourself and go beyond all of this and look for solutions to create a life that you would like to achieve and to create success that you would like to achieve?

And I would like to leave you with one last thought, “If you’re not willing to learn, no one can help you; and if you’re willing to learn, nothing can stop you.”

Healing takes courage,
And we all have courage,
Even if we have to dig
A little to find it…
- Tori Amos


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Unleash Power Within with Anuja Pandey

This woman's day, let's empower ourselves in our unique way to celebrate our special journey as we stand strong at peak and valley of every emotion. Let's hear Anuja Pandey unleash her power from within to being a woman of strength and success.


Life can be a challenge..

How do you, as a woman evolved,

Unleash Power Within, to ride over your challenge?


“Hi everybody. I am Anuja Pandey and I am a fashion blogger, writer, lifestyle curator and brand stylist. I am also into beauty pageants; I am associated with the top beauty pageants in the country including Femina miss India as their talent search partner as well as heir grooming and fashion consultant.

A very big hi to all of you.

So as a woman entrepreneur I go through my personal and professional challenges and there are times where I am not that high and there are times where I need that support from within or something that unleashes that power from within. So it’s always my mother and her belief in me, her faith in my abilities and that I am a strong and beautiful woman is what makes me feel what I am today and it makes me sore high again.

So… yes and coupled with that is of course the cycle of karma is something I believe in strongly. So along with it the optimistic approach towards life is what keeps me going.

I would say like there are times where all of us go through our own highs and lows like as a kid I was bullied at times and I would feel like oh my god what is happening and the somehow I knew that all of this was insignificant. What is important is that who’s worthy I mean I always knew that I am a very important, worthy kid because of the fact that my mother brought me up that way. So, let me tell you girls, it’s not arrogance, it is just a sense of self pride and self-worth which all of us must have. So despite whatsoever, whatever I go through my first identity always remains intact that of a daughter to somebody strong and beautiful.”

The empowered woman is powerful beyond measure,
and beautiful beyond description…

- Steve Maraboli

Unleash Power Within

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Location: The Coveted
Anuja Pandey’s Blog: Lofty Spectrums

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Joy of owning a Mother of Pearl – Leena Munot

"The life of your dreams does not happen by Chance... but by Choice" Leena Munot, author of Goals Mantra and Co-founder, The Giving Tree. She is a woman achiever in every true sense, with a clear vision, power to achieve and a heart to rejoice and celebrate life. The new year ahead calls for a dream to chase and shed the fears to achieve and celebrate is her Goal Mantra.

StyleAura Woman Achiever Leena Munot

SA: What do you do by profession?

LM: I co-own and run The Giving Tree. We are in the business of making our clients feel gifted by offering innovative corporate gift ideas. Recently authored Goals Mantra, the simplest and easiest way to set, achieve and celebrate your life goals.

SA: What are the kind of people you interact with on daily basis at work?

LM: My interaction is mostly with HR heads of corporate companies and entrepreneurs

SA: What is your comfort style of clothing for day/evening?

LM: Day wear includes sari or a salwar kurta especially when I have client meetings, Indo Western combination of kurti and denims when it’s a hands-on work day. Evenings are usually comfort clothing with a touch of a jacket, a stole or some accessory to jazz it up and feel chic!

SA: Does jewellery play an important role in your wardrobe?

LM: Yes of course! Silver jewellery and mother of pearls almost instantly make me happy…there is some joy of owning a mother of pearl – from watch dials, to finger rings, to pendants to earrings!

SA: How does it accentuate your style statement?

LM: Chunky jewellery pieces are the quickest way for me to change my mood and look!

Let your goal mantra of year 2018 be the life of your dream

- Leena Munot, Co-founder, The Giving Tree and Author, Goals Mantra

Photography: ARB Photography
Concept: StyleAura®™

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Jewellery is where I find my Identity - Nithya David

She spins the wheel of her dream, follows her gut strong, fly’s high being the wind beneath many wings and brings the warmth of being herself at any occasion. Meet Nithya David, founder of Upstream, a recruitment agency in Bangalore.

StyleAura®™ catches up with her and this is what she had to say about the Aura of her Style!

StyleAura - Woman Achiever Nithya David

"Listen to your instinct always. It is your third eye."

This year marks 10yrs of my company Upstream. When started my career I was asked what I want to be when I reach 30yrs of age and my answer always was to be a CEO of a company. Knowingly unknowingly I was spinning my dream and before I knew it at 30 I started UPSTREAM, a recruitment firm based in Bangalore. We do placements for advertising agencies and corporate houses across India. 

These last 10 years have been the best years of my life. I have learnt on the job and have taught myself. I work with corporates and advertising professionals, Heads of the agencies, Marketing Heads at FMCG companies, HR Heads across. When I meet people, I want to leave a lasting impression in their minds which is why I make sure that I present myself, my clothes, my jewellery with style and panache, as they say, "the first impression is the best impression"

I love wearing Maxi dresses and sarees, I find them very comfortable and it gives me a sense of power. Jewellery is where I find my identity. When a unique piece speaks to me it becomes my story. When I meet people they always ask me about my jewellery and I love to tell them how the jewellery found me. It’s not just wearing a jewellery but wearing it with the right outfit is what matters most, and the outfit always enhances the jewellery.

- Nithya David, Proprietor, UPSTREAM

Photography: ARB Photography
Concept: StyleAura®

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Top 3 reasons to bring home Smoky Topaz today

Do you feel a sense of negativity in life? Do you face eating disorders? Is a feeling of insecurity from a constant survival mode pulling you down?

In that case, here are 3 top most reasons to get your hands-on Smoky Topaz now...

StyleAura - Smoky Topaz

Smoky Topaz is one of the hardest naturally occurring minerals, combined with transparency of colours to be best used in jewels.

The 3 most significant reasons to get hands on Smoky Topaz:

  1. Root Chakra Stone: The stone enhances the survival instincts and manifests dreams into reality. The stone helps accomplish goals in personal life and profession.
  2. Stimulates Kundalini: Smoky Topaz elevates the conscious mind to accomplish state of meditative spirit. It cleanses the aura by removing negative energy.
  3. Elevates Mood: Smoky Topaz works as an anti-depressant. It relieves the negative emotions as anger, jealousy, and fear. Thus, bringing in comfort and calmness of mind.

Bring home the stone of psychic protection to ground you, protect you and make your dreams a reality soon.

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Jewellery adds that extra Flare - Shashwata Roy

Success to her is hard work with a sense of purpose in life. She believes in being powerful with big dreams than big facts. And she believes in Change, for the better.

Meet Shashwata, one of the finalist for Mrs India Earth 2017 pageant. Let's cheer her to win the title for the change she wishes to bring for the noble cause towards underprivileged. StyleAura™ catches up with her and this is what she had to say about the Aura of her Style!

 StyleAura - Shashwata Roy  StyleAura - Shashwata Roy

I was born in a family where birth of every girl child is considered a matter of pride and honour. I pursued my MBA in HR and Marketing and presently working for an MNC in Bangalore. I have always had that keen interest in the field of art and thereby live my passion as a freelance actor, model and a singer.

In my profession, I interact with people from all walks of life. I prefer wearing crop T-shirt and skirt on casual occasions. On special occasions, I prefer wearing typical classic traditional Saree with a pinch of serene Indian culture in it to showcase the authentic Essence of Indian beauty through my   dressing. It gives that feel-good factor.

Jewellery plays a significant role in anything I wear. Jewellery always adds that extra flare to one's dressing and enhances the elegance in you giving an outstanding feel to your entire. In my opinion style is something which we define for ourselves and it's a true depiction of the real person in us.

Shashwata Roy, Finalist, Mrs India Earth 2017

Photography: ARB Photography
Concept: StyleAura™

Costume Courtesy: SAJJ The Design Studio

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Tone up or Tone down your look with Jewellery - Shreya Krishnan

She is unstoppable…

There is nothing left unexplored in life of Shreya Krishnan, anchor, writer, poet, trained dancer, model, awarded theatre artist and choreographer. Above all a woman who touches hearts of people with warmth and care.

Top 50 Most Talented CMO’s in India, Top 100 Most Influential Marketing Leaders by CMO Asia and WMC, Brand Leadership award by Times Network and The Top 50 Most Talented Corporate Communications Leaders in India by Corporate Affairs, are some of the industry awards that she has been conferred.

 StyleAura - Shreya Krishnan - Zercon  StyleAura - Shreya Krishnan - Meenakari Moonstones

She is also a champion of causes relating to environment, woman empowerment and children.

StyleAura™ caught up with Shreya at her cosy abode over Nannari Sherbet to talk about her Aura of Style…

My work takes me to multiple places and involves travel. I meet people across the board from CXO's and peers and my team, I am part of conferences that I attend or speak at or anchor, I meet my agencies and partners, I also meet my NGO partners and volunteers on a regular basis.

Since my work involves meeting a lot of people and being a part of events, I prefer to dress in a sari for formal gatherings. it's a versatile garment and takes you through the day and evening with just the right amount of style and elegance. Otherwise I more or less wear everything from dresses to skirts to trousers. I love the desiboho look which is a fusion of Indian and western styles.

Jewellery is a very important part of my styling routine. Jewellery accentuates style if it is with a sari or a skirt or whatever the attire it is that you chose to wear. I love boho jewellery and I love mixing up colours and styles. It helps curate multiple looks and also adds an element of oomph! You can tone up or tone down a look with just the right kind of Jewellery.

Shreya Krishnan, Director at MNC - Marketing, Communications, Product and CSR

Photography: ARB Photography
Concept: StyleAura™

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