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10 Must Have Natural Gemstones for Your Ensemble

April 2016 | StyleAura Admin

Natural gemstones are a reservoir of vibrant energy. Are you ready to be lead to a beautiful transformation to look and feel the joy of this energy? If yes, here are our recommendations on natural gemstones you may consider adding to your ensemble.

StyleAura - 10 Must Have Natural Gemstones for Your Ensemble - Amber, Agate, Onyx, Quartz, Jade, Turquoise, Amethyst, Druzy, Pearl, Gomti

  1. Amber: It’s a fossilized stone that has a strong connect with earth. It grounds the higher energies and draws dis-ease from the body and aids tissue revitalization. It absorbs all the negative energies and transmutes positive forces to stimulate healing at physical and emotional level.
  1. Agate: Classically associated with volcanic rocks. They help in centering and stabilizing energy. Has power to harmonize yin and yang. It stabilizes aura, heals inner anger, helps overcome bitterness of heart and dissolves inner tension.
  1. Onyx: Helps absorb universal energies to heal the physical and mental state. It is strength giving and gives support in difficult or confusing circumstances, and during mental and physical stress. It promotes vigor and stamina and self-confidence to be at ease in any surrounding. 
  1. Quartz: Is the most powerful healer and energy amplifier on planet for its unique crystalline form. Holding quartz crystal doubles your bio magnetic field. It is the best cleanser for organs and the soul and raises energy levels to the highest possible levels.
  1. Jade: It’s a good luck Feng Shui stone. It is a stone of purity and nurturing. The stone has been used for centuries to create serene feelings of harmony and balance.
  1. Turquoise: This is a purity stone that brings clarity, precision and expression to inner thoughts of its weaver. It ensures overall physical fitness. It’s perfect for those who travel a lot. It protects them from thefts, accidents and unwanted incidents.
  1. Amethyst: This is a stone for wealth, wisdom, stamina and health. This is a natural aid for body that produces small levels of naturally occurring magnetic fields that actually produce favourable results in body. It benefits cell regeneration in body, aids blood circulation, promotes antioxidant activity in body.
  1. Druzy: These are the blistering rocks with tiny crystal formation on mineral top. Druze works the find a balance in the wearer’s body that helps in keeping vitalized and fit. It is known to clear the aura to think positive and creative.
  1. Pearl: Found in the ocean beds, pearl enhances the power of moon. It pacifies anger and draws mental calm. 
  1. Gomti: It is a rare natural and a spiritual form of shell stone found in the river Gomti. It resembles the Sudarshan chakra and is beneficial for people with "Naag Dosha" or "Sarp Dosha" in their horoscope. Gomti chakra is believed to attract prosperity, wealth and wellbeing for children.

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