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7 reasons Opal is calling for You

May 2016 | StyleAura Admin

Do you hear a voice calling out to reach for the mystical powers of the universe? Do you feel the need to be healed by heavenly bodies?

StyleAura Opal Collection

Here are 7 reasons if Opal, also called “The Eye of God” and “The Queen of Gemstones”, could be calling out for you.

  1. If you are into creative field and seek dynamic creativity, Opal amplifies thoughts and feelings and returns them to its source. It is a karmic stone which teaches us that what we put out comes back.
  1. If you seek enhancement of self-worth, Opal helps you to understand your full potential psychologically that encourages interest in art.
  1. If you need to release inhibition, Opal is the stone of love and passion and releases inhibitions. It intensifies emotional state and desire to explore feelings.
  1. If you wish to start the process of healing, Opal is a blood purifier and regulates insulin. Good for kidneys and helps treat Parkinson’s disease and menopausal symptoms.
  1. If you have frequent headaches, Opal is the stone to release the pain.
  1. If you seek marital bliss, Opal helps enhance mutual understanding, and increases love between the couple.
  1. If you need to open up the third eye chakra, Opal is known to open this spiritual chakra. With wearing this stone, people have experienced improvement in telepathic and intuitive powers.

In this universe we get what we seek. Surround yourself with things that get you closer to your inner self. The whisper of the universe is important to be heard. Become aware and follow the whisper of the Mystical Universe.

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