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Top 7 Reasons to Wear Nature Stone Jewellery

March 2016 | StyleAura Admin

StyleAura - Top 7 Reasons to Wear Nature Stone Jewellery

Have you ever been drawn to the gifts of nature? Do you feel the importance of the unique face of stones created by the nature? Why is it important to understand the importance of these stones in our world? Reasons are plenty, but the ones we can connect to are now evident…

  1. Environment Friendly: Nature stones are earth’s DNA, straight from environment, dug out by small mining operations environmentally responsible, cleaned and put straight to work table. Unlike synthetic stones that require mining, lab testing, polishing and energy consumption process such as flame and melt diffusion method.
  1. Each of its Kind and Unique: Each rock is a miniature storehouse containing records and developments of earth over millions of years. Their tiny imperfections makes each stone a unique formation that facilitates exclusivity in jewellery designs.
  1. Mystical Powers: People over centuries have attributed specific powers to gemstones. Wearing gems used to be royal or priestly prerogative. Chinese practitioners in past used ground pearls in various balms for curative powers. Nature stones today carry same power and wearing the stone or simply having it in close proximity can boost your energy (carnelian) clears your space (amber) attracts wealth (citrine). You can choose stones to enhance intuition, increase mental abilities, boost confidence, abundance, healing and attract love.
  1. Limited Quantity: Unlike pearls, natural gemstones are limited to their existence from geological processes already complete. The opportunity to own natural stone will be limited once the supply is exhausted. People buying natural gemstone jewellery actually preserve unique pieces of planet as a result of geological process that are already complete.
  1. Conversation Starter: Nature stone jewellery connects us to our source. That in turn makes us more confident and radiant for any kind of public appearance. And since each stone has a unique story and character, it makes a great source of conversation to connect with people.
  1. Versatile in Style: The organic feel and touch of nature stone jewellery, adds character to the wearer without the bling. This makes the style more versatile to carry off at work place, lunch out with friend or an evening getaway with someone special.
  1. Enhances the Aura and Personality: The nature stones have positive, gentle vibrations that work on the energy field of the body to resonate positivity. This compliments the mood and boosts up the aura and personality of the wearer.

With the consciousness of mind and spirit, to experience the mystic of the universe in its gift, it’s time to dig out the magic from the earth and add the sparkle in your life too.

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  • Cindy Tesler

    I agree that it’s environmentally friendly to wear natural stone jewelry. You also mention that each natural stone is unique and will not look like another one of it’s kind. I think it would be a good idea to gift a natural stone to a child, since these stones contain “mystical powers” that the children will love.

  • Niv

    This is fun!

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