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5 Innovative Tips to Wear Whites

July 2016 | Ruchi Kochhar

Do you shop for clothes endlessly and still open your closet to find nothing perfect for an occasion? Does your endless pile of old white shirts/t-shirts not excite you to make your outing special?

Blue jeans and a white shirt has found its place in every woman’s wardrobe. Living out of the comfort of jeans and t-shirt is practical and effortless style.

Here are 5 ways to wear your whites like never before…

  1. Add a bright colour choker to a simple white shirt and see the magic it does to your ensemble. It adds oomph to an ordinary shirt that makes you look and feel special.

StyleAura - Ruchi Kochhar - Bright Choker

  1. Wear a long length statement neckpiece over a plain white shirt/tunic. See the boldness added to the style that makes you want to applaud to the stunning style statement.

StyleAura - Ruchi Kochhar - Statement Neckpiece

  1. Wear a mid-length delicate pearl layered look to a collared shirt. See it add delicacy to your look that cannot be overlooked.

StyleAura - Ruchi Kochhar - Layered Pearl

  1. Add a long chain with a big natural stone pendant to a simple white t-shirt/ dress. See how the casual style becomes street smart to make you stand out in a crowd.

StyleAura - Ruchi Kochhar - Long Chain

  1. Add a string with shimmer to any shirt and see the style shine on you for an evening in a unique subtle yet elegant style.

StyleAura - Ruchi Kochhar - Shimmer String

The comfort of style is the key to yours truly style. Innovation to the comfort is what makes your style unique to bring out different moods and the aura of style.

Art, Innovation, Style.

“There’s a way to do it better, find it” ~ Thomas Edison.

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