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Use Jewellery to dress up or dress down your Outfits – Bia Sandhu

August 2017 | StyleAura Admin

Woman Achiever and Aura of her Style!!!

Today's multifaceted woman plays multiple successful roles in her unique, creative ways. She has a style that evolves to impress herself and others with comfort and confidence to love herself in finest ways.

StyleAura™ invites Bia, an Image Consultant and a beauty pageant coach to share her Aura of Style that we absolutely love!!!

Bia Sandhu, Image Consultant and Beauty Pageant Coach, Founder, Parfait Image Consulting

I am an Image Consultant and a Beauty Pageant Coach. In my profession, I meet people from all walks of life, from reining Beauty Queens to fashion students.

My comfort style is classic yet contemporary. I look at dressing everyday as an opportunity to   flex my fashion muscles and hone my professional personal brand.

A white shirt with boyfriend jeans in the daytime and a black dress in the evenings would be the unsung heroes of my fashion wardrobe. 

I adore Jewellery it adds variety to my outfits and sparkle to my style. I use jewellery to dress up or dress down my outfits depending on the occasion. I invest in quality pieces and prefer classic jewellery as it's more wearable and easier to combine. Jewellery augments my personal style. An eye catching accessory can be a point of emphasis and can give an outfit a finished look at the same time.

Bia Sandhu
Image Consultant and Beauty Pageant Coach
Founder, Parfait Image Consulting

Photography: ARB Photography
Concept: StyleAura™

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