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Unleash Power Within with Anuja Pandey

This woman's day, let's empower ourselves in our unique way to celebrate our special journey as we stand strong at peak and valley of every emotion. Let's hear Anuja Pandey unleash her power from within to being a woman of strength and success.


Life can be a challenge..

How do you, as a woman evolved,

Unleash Power Within, to ride over your challenge?


“Hi everybody. I am Anuja Pandey and I am a fashion blogger, writer, lifestyle curator and brand stylist. I am also into beauty pageants; I am associated with the top beauty pageants in the country including Femina miss India as their talent search partner as well as heir grooming and fashion consultant.

A very big hi to all of you.

So as a woman entrepreneur I go through my personal and professional challenges and there are times where I am not that high and there are times where I need that support from within or something that unleashes that power from within. So it’s always my mother and her belief in me, her faith in my abilities and that I am a strong and beautiful woman is what makes me feel what I am today and it makes me sore high again.

So… yes and coupled with that is of course the cycle of karma is something I believe in strongly. So along with it the optimistic approach towards life is what keeps me going.

I would say like there are times where all of us go through our own highs and lows like as a kid I was bullied at times and I would feel like oh my god what is happening and the somehow I knew that all of this was insignificant. What is important is that who’s worthy I mean I always knew that I am a very important, worthy kid because of the fact that my mother brought me up that way. So, let me tell you girls, it’s not arrogance, it is just a sense of self pride and self-worth which all of us must have. So despite whatsoever, whatever I go through my first identity always remains intact that of a daughter to somebody strong and beautiful.”

The empowered woman is powerful beyond measure,
and beautiful beyond description…

- Steve Maraboli

Unleash Power Within

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