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Jewellery is extremely important in making a Statement – Dipika Trehan

August 2017 | StyleAura Admin

She is confident in style, articulate in expression, and determined to succeed in her mission to Empower Women. Meet Dipika Trehan, Founder of The Health Of Women Forum and the conceptualiser of a unique concept celebrating women@work, Corporate Diva, as StyleAura dwells into her Aura of Style!

 StyleAura interview with Dipika Trehan  StyleAura interview with Dipika Trehan

SA: What are the kind of people you interact with on daily basis at work?

DT: I interact with people from all walks of life in terms of the vast spectrum of work every day. These primarily include professionals, freelancers and entrepreneurs. What I enjoy the most are my interactions with the multifaceted urban women of today!

SA: What is your comfort style of clothing for day/evening?

DT: My comfort style in clothing, be it western or Indian, day wear or evening wear is an outfit that makes me feel good about being myself. I personally don't believe much in keeping at pace with the changing fashion trends coz I firmly believe that STYLE is always in vogue! Our clothing backed by comfort and confidence must compliment the person that each one of us uniquely are!

SA: Does jewellery play an important role in your styling? If yes, how does it accentuate your style statement?

DT: O Yes! Totally!! Jewellery and accessories are extremely important in making a statement. Be it a simple pair of earrings, an elaborate neck piece or just a smart cocktail ring, each to its own, when paired well has the potential of turning a simple attire to an attractive ensemble.

I carefully select my accessories, that perfectly accentuate my look, with poise and class being vital, whatever the scenario or occasion be.

Dipika Trehan
Founder The H.O.W. Forum and Conceptualiser, Corporate Diva

Photography: ARB Photography
Concept: StyleAura™

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