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Buy Experiences, not just Products

June 2016 | Ruchi Kochhar

Do you feel a sensation of love when you come out to shop for or with someone special? Is shopping a mere time spent over bringing home a product of need/greed? Or is it an experience to feel the joy of bringing home something out of love?

It's not just getting hands on the right product, but the experience and the love with which we buy that's important. Similarly, the gift is not as significant as the love put into giving.

StyleAura - Buy Experiences, not just Products

We experience the unique combination of love and excitement over shopping at our studio often. One such day, we decided to capture with our customer, Meera Balakrishnan, her sister, Rohini and daughter, Kavita. Kavita leaves for Florida to pursue her career as a marine biologist and together we decided to sit over a cup of coffee talking about her new journey of life. She said she was going to miss her time spent at our studio, and that touched my heart. The next few precious hours, the family spent over shopping for jewellery at the studio, added to the priceless memories for us all. The bonding of the sisters as they tried their favourite jewellery on each other, made the whole space rich with the love and experience of sheer joy. We concluded their shopping with some hearty conversations. This is how the day ended for us with a blend of shopping with love that Kavita gets to take away as a memory as she moves on with her journey.

StyleAura - Buy Experiences, not just Products

These are the simple joyful experiences that bring together people and not just the material things to accumulate in our wardrobe. Try and next time buy experience and not just a product alone. See the abundance in your life as you spend the money with love and not just the money.

"If you attach positive emotions to the things you want, and never attach negative emotions to the things you don't, then that which you desire most will invariably come your way"
- Matt Miller

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