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Now buy Semi-Precious Natural Healing Stone Jewellery from the Comfort of your Home

March 2016 | StyleAura Admin

Now Buy Semi-Precious Natural Healing Stone Jewellery From The Comfort Of Your Home

With 5 plus years of existence, StyleAura has put a smile on women in Bangalore to feel beautiful. A smile that makes them feel special about themselves, confident, compassionate, sensuous, and more importantly Evolved.

StyleAura has created a bond over the energies of the nature stones and the women who are seeking benefits of connecting with their source. Women seeking out the fine side of their attitude and energising their aura with style and statement, simply in form of jewellery.

It’s time to embrace a larger world and reach out for more such wonderful women who seek to constantly Evolve. So here we take one step forward to reach out to your doorstep, with just a click of your mouse button.

You guessed it right! adds online shopping experience to the cart of creation. Be it for an enchanting evening to exemplify your sophisticated look or a feel good factor that will boost your confidence. Time to go online!

Seven Site Features:

  1. Home: This page will give a snapshot of all the possible action on the site. This will be your go to page to explore the wondrous world of semi-precious nature healing stone jewellery.
  1. Catalog: The section will list various categories of jewellery that can be browsed on the site. This will be an ever changing section that will bring to you the latest in trends and fashion.
  1. About Us: This section tells you all about StyleAura and its endeavours, now and in future. Stay tuned.
  1. Enchiridion: True to its dictionary meaning, this is your book containing essential information on the subject of gemstones and latest trends in nature stone jewellery. From time to time this section will contain articles on latest trends and fashion.
  1. News: Get the latest news about StyleAura and other related activities in the fashion jewellery world in this section.
  1. Testimonials: This section lists what so many happy customers of the StyleAura are saying about their feelings about wearing nature stone jewellery.
  1. Newsletter Signup: Finally, signup for site newsletter and stay in touch. StyleAura’s promise is to give you the most valuable and latest information on fashion, accessories and jewellery which you surely will not consider as spam. welcomes you to explore and stylize yourself for every mood and occasion to feel the complete woman in yourself and be evolved!

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