Classic yet Contemporary – Meena Srinivasan

StyleAura Happy Customer - Meena Srinivasan

Classic yet Contemporary is how I would like to describe Ruchi’s StyleAura jewellery collection. I first came across the wide variety of StyleAura’s pieces at the BANG2017 event at their stall and the elegant display attracted me to visit. Ruchi’s friendly yet professional suggestions along with the quality of pieces at reasonable prices made the shopping experience a pleasure. She even customized one of the pieces for me and sent it via courier. Whenever I have worn StyleAura’s Jewellery I have received amazing compliments. I must say their online presence is also excellent with good online payment options, so I can easily share her page with my friends and family. Thank you Ruchi for the stylish experience and wishing StyleAura great success in the future.

- Meena Srinivasan, Co-Founder & Chief Excellence Officer, Scion Social

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Looked fab on any style of Clothing - Preethi Ramamoorthi

StyleAura Happy Customer - Preethi Ramamoorthi

My mom had picked up the unique piece from StyleAura™ as my birthday gift. The neck piece looked fab on any style of clothing. Having worn this for an engagement, I received a lot of compliments for the uniqueness of the work and the colour combinations. The ease and comfort to wear the neck piece just adds to the thrill and joy of sporting any look.

All the very best Ruchi. Will definitely be your repeat customer, making my mom pick up many more from you😅


- Preethi Ramamoorthi, Director Operations, Hvac systems Pvt Ltd

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Never could get enough of StyleAura - Gunngun Arora

StyleAura Happy Customer - Gunngun Arora

I've never been able to get enough of StyleAura™. Ruchi's creative innovations and the personal attention she offers her customers is utterly enthralling. I love the way she loves to make you look good with the hints of sparkle she adds to your wardrobe.

- Gunngun Arora, Corporate Communications, CSR, and a Trainer

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Unique imperfection that made it an Art piece - Pooja Kanipakam

I bought several pieces from StyleAura™: each with its own unique imperfection that made it an art piece, now unique to me. Something we often overlook with jewellery, which I love, is how they feel; the weight of the necklace and the cooling effect of the beads when you first drape them on you gives you a grounded feeling once you get dressed for the day. The rose quartz necklace is currently one of my favourites - It turns any plain top I own into something unique & classy. I appreciate the skill that goes into making each piece by hand and the people behind it. I'm really happy to have found StyleAura™ and can't wait to keep adding to my collection 😊

- Pooja Kanipakam

StyleAura Happy Customer - Pooja Kanipakam - Rose Quartz 

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Amazing Collection of Beautiful Jewellery - Charon Chawla

StyleAura™ has an amazing collection of beautiful jewellery and I have always enjoyed wearing the pieces I have bought over the years and received compliments galore! Many of my family who do not live in India are also big fans as they have all shopped at StyleAura™ on their visits.

- Charon Chawla, Children's Yoga Instructor

StyleAura Happy Customer - Charon Chawla

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Jewellery that makes you Look Good and Feel Good too!!! - Kiran Shah

I first met Ruchi at an exhibition. Her jewellery was different, unique from what we've gotten used to seeing. Her jewellery is traditional with a fresh modern twist to it. Ruchi's pieces are classy, elegant like Ruchi herself. Every piece exudes her personality, a quiet zen-like calm & elegance.

One of the things that I learned in talking to & getting to know Ruchi was that her pieces are important to her. When making each piece, she makes sure that she and her staff are all feeling good, positive & happy. This way when each piece is made, it carries with it positive energy. I thought that was very special.

I've bought many gifts and everyone has loved them! She also customizes her jewellery to match your sari or outfit. Her pieces are so versatile! They go beautifully with Indian outfits as well as Western outfits.

Her studio is a treasure trove of wonderful pieces, beads & stones. Anything is possible! And in all price ranges! In fact, I was there with a friend who needed some gifts for the US. Once we were done shopping for the friends, we shopped for us! The girls in the shop tweaked the jewellery to our liking while we waited! It was a wonderful experience!!

If you haven't been to StyleAura™, please make an appointment and meet Ruchi to see her beautiful & unique jewellery. You'll be glad you went!

- Kiran Shah, Avid Traveller

StyleAura Happy Customer - Kiran Shah

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The quality of Stones and Workmanship is Fantastic - Divya Raghavan

StyleAura gave me the perfect match for my traditional South Indian Kancheepuram saree. Ruchi takes a personal interest in her customers and gave me suggestions to find perfect matches for my dresses.

StyleAura Happy Customer - Divya Raghavan
StyleAura Happy Customer - Divya Raghavan

The quality of the stones and workmanship is fantastic and I would recommend these accessories to be a part of every woman's wardrobe.

- Divya Raghavan, Faculty Member NPS

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Fashion is what you Buy, Style is what you Do with it - Dakshayani Ramaswamy

StyleAura Happy Customer - Dakshayani Ramaswamy StyleAura Happy Customer - Dakshayani Ramaswamy

Like most women, I like to dress appropriately for the occasion but don't want to be one of the crowd. I have had many "I really need new clothes... I should make more of an effort" days when I looked at women dressed in style. On a quiet day I pulled out all the beads that I had randomly picked up in one of my shopping sprees and met Ruchi at her store. I was instantly drawn to Ruchi's elegance, class and energy. I spent hours at her store like a kid in a candy store admiring every piece of art she had created. She designed fabulous pieces for me that make me feel I'm wearing different things that are me in different ways. No matter what role I play... a daughter, a mother, a wife or a teacher, her creations never go out of style on me. Warm wishes to Ruchi in her journey in adding beauty to more women through her work. In the end... the things that you are passionate about are not random, they are your true calling.

- Dakshayani Ramaswamy, Handwriting Analyst

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Always received Compliments when I wear StyleAura Collection - Sumeeta Misra-Rath

StyleAura Happy Customer - Sumeeta Misra-Rath StyleAura Happy Customer - Sumeeta Misra-Rath

I have the pleasure of having some pieces of jewellery from StyleAura's collection, and have always received compliments when i wear them. So great to have hand crafted, unique, beautiful jewellery and feel beautiful when you wear it.

- Sumeeta Misra-Rath, Director, BlankWall Art

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Treat Your Womanhood Tiara with StyleAura! - Shilpy Arora


StyleAura’s timeless pieces are a refreshing fusion of contemporary flair mixed with a classic high quality. The subtle yet distinctive mix of rich vibrant hues, colors, and textures exemplify the designer’s (the elegant Ruchi Kochhar) eye for refined creation and passion for adornments that catches every eye’s appreciation. Though not a connoisseur; however I could sense the love, care, attention to details and personal touch with which these pieces were nurtured. So, if uniqueness and confitude (confidence and positive attitude) glam you up as well; you might not want to leave behind and let others steal the show. Thank you for helping me out to delight my lovelies on a special occasion with your perfect suggestion to try something outstanding. Ruchi, I wish you all luck to continue tasting success in your venture…

Shilpy Arora, Senior Learning Consultant

StyleAura Happy Customer - Shilpy Arora

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