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A choker is not just a style of necklace, but it is a brand within itself. For centuries chokers have been prevalent in multiple chapters of history and each century has introduced us to a new trend in the choker set. Our designers understand the value of traditional designs and modern trends. So they have crafted some of the best choker collections that combine two art forms into a single piece of jewellery item.

Hasli necklaces have gained huge popularity during the past decade due to their simple designs and ability to look gorgeous on your neck. Our collections are modern with a traditional touch that has inspired the fashionistas to combine them with classic and contemporary clothing. Each piece is filled with intricate designs and hand-cut gemstones to provide a rich character to the person wearing it.

Note: StyleAura® designs dig out the beauty of imperfections in natural stones. Each stone is unique in its shape and texture. Some are hand cut and polished to bring a shine, whereas some left in their raw form to feel and enjoy the character of the natural stone.

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Delicate Hasli with a Natural Druzy Stone NecklaceDelicate Hasli with a Natural Druzy Stone Necklace
Delicate Hasli with a Natural Druzy Stone Necklace
₹ 2,400.00₹ 2,100.00

Gold finish delicate Hasli suspended with an adjustable gold-dipped chain to hold up the machine cut natural mineral rock, purple Druzy close to the neck. The mineral rock's imperfections in the centre highlight a unique,...