Proud owner of StyleAura Jewellery - Vidhya Arvind

Ruchi and I go way back together. And so does my association with StyleAura, a brand that I have seen grow from its nascent days to what it is today. But the one thing that has remained consistent through the brand's journey is its ability to evoke a classy statement with every piece created. As a fashion entrepreneur running my own custom made designer label, I often have the need to team my outfits with accessories that help seal the look. And I have turned to a StyleAura statement pieces more number of times than not to help achieve this. Ruchi's creative aesthetics with StyleAura blends well with how I want to style an outfit and I find dressing up for work or a social evening such fun. On a spiritual note, I also think that StyleAura's contemporary jewellery made out of natural stones and semi-precious beads do have an impact on your state of mind. Mine has mostly veered towards the 'calm and at peace with oneself state' every time I have worn it. Maybe there's some truth in it. Maybe not. But either ways, StyleAura has secured a firm spot for itself in my wardrobe.

Wishing you and StyleAura plenty of success Ruchi.

- Vidhya Arvind, Founder / Head Designer of silhoueTRI pret

StyleAura Happy Customer - Vidhya Arvind

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Each piece that I own has a unique charm to it - Nithya David

I met Ruchi at one of the exhibitions and what dragged me to her display was the way she created jewellery in a contemporary style, from then on I always approached Ruchi for some new jewellery or the other. What kept me going to her is the way she always reinvents her jewellery pieces at the same time keeping in mind the customers requirement. She is extremely open to the customers’ creative inputs but always dresses up the jewellery in her unique way. Each of her piece that I own has a unique charm to it and I have received so many compliments whenever I have worn them. Thank you Ruchi for always being accommodative and working with a smile. Your charm shows in your jewellery

- Nithya David, Founder, Upstream Placement Services

StyleAura Happy Customer - Nithya David

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Each piece of StyleAura defines a different facet/mood - Shobha Bala

Each piece of StyleAura defines a different facet/mood that I possess – I have quirky ones which I usually wear the most. I have stylish ones for a formal setting, I have dressy stones which do wonders to finish my entire ensemble before I head out for a party.

All in all – I can say I am sure to keep coming back for more…like I tell Ruchi – the stones – they are calling my name…

- Shobha Bala, Engineer

StyleAura Happy Customer - Shobha Bala

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Proud Owner of StyleAura Jewellery - Mamatha Nilkar

Proud Owner of StyleAura Jewellery!!

StyleAura carries a unique mix of traditional and contemporary pieces that is wearable with Indian or Western wear. It suits my style and sensibilities and is stylish and elegant at the same time. I love each piece I own since it was picked with love and care. Ruchi does a fabulous job by customizing it for her clients and that is special.

Mamatha Nilkar, Housewife and part time Business Development Executive

StyleAura Happy Customer - Mamatha Nilkar

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StyleAura enhances my style quotient - Gurmeet Soni Bhalla

Even though I believe style is inherent, StyleAura enhances my style quotient! Some days, I pick up a piece of jewellery and weave my outfit around it. On others, a muted outfit perks up when I wear a beautiful piece from StyleAura. I enjoy the range of fun, elegance and sophistication it provides to my wardrobe and the appreciative words and glances that follow. The beautiful natural stones worked so well by Ruchi's creative genius are a hallmark of StyleAura.

- Dr. Gurmeet Soni Bhalla, Pediatrician

StyleAura Happy Customer - Gurmeet Soni Bhalla

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I discovered StyleAura quite by chance - Meera Balakrishnan

I discovered StyleAura quite by chance. For one for whom jewellery never seemed to work, the styles were an eye opener. Ruchi Kochhar’s collections appeal to free-spiritedness and individuality and her ever-changing design lines constantly challenge creative minds to “complete the look”. Always open minded, never imposing her views, Ruchi seems to get what you are looking for and together we have found the perfect piece each time. For the perfectionist a chat with Ruchi is an exhilarating experience. Her assistants too seem to have developed her unimposing ways. Thank you, Ruchi, for each experience and every best wish to you and the StyleAura brand.

- Meera Balakrishnan, Engineer

StyleAura Happy Customer - Meera Balakrishnan

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