Unique imperfection that made it an Art piece - Pooja Kanipakam

I bought several pieces from StyleAura™: each with its own unique imperfection that made it an art piece, now unique to me. Something we often overlook with jewellery, which I love, is how they feel; the weight of the necklace and the cooling effect of the beads when you first drape them on you gives you a grounded feeling once you get dressed for the day. The rose quartz necklace is currently one of my favourites - It turns any plain top I own into something unique & classy. I appreciate the skill that goes into making each piece by hand and the people behind it. I'm really happy to have found StyleAura™ and can't wait to keep adding to my collection 😊

- Pooja Kanipakam

StyleAura Happy Customer - Pooja Kanipakam - Rose Quartz