Treat Your Womanhood Tiara with StyleAura! - Shilpy Arora


StyleAura’s timeless pieces are a refreshing fusion of contemporary flair mixed with a classic high quality. The subtle yet distinctive mix of rich vibrant hues, colors, and textures exemplify the designer’s (the elegant Ruchi Kochhar) eye for refined creation and passion for adornments that catches every eye’s appreciation. Though not a connoisseur; however I could sense the love, care, attention to details and personal touch with which these pieces were nurtured. So, if uniqueness and confitude (confidence and positive attitude) glam you up as well; you might not want to leave behind and let others steal the show. Thank you for helping me out to delight my lovelies on a special occasion with your perfect suggestion to try something outstanding. Ruchi, I wish you all luck to continue tasting success in your venture…

Shilpy Arora, Senior Learning Consultant

StyleAura Happy Customer - Shilpy Arora