Jewellery that makes you Look Good and Feel Good too!!! - Kiran Shah

I first met Ruchi at an exhibition. Her jewellery was different, unique from what we've gotten used to seeing. Her jewellery is traditional with a fresh modern twist to it. Ruchi's pieces are classy, elegant like Ruchi herself. Every piece exudes her personality, a quiet zen-like calm & elegance.

One of the things that I learned in talking to & getting to know Ruchi was that her pieces are important to her. When making each piece, she makes sure that she and her staff are all feeling good, positive & happy. This way when each piece is made, it carries with it positive energy. I thought that was very special.

I've bought many gifts and everyone has loved them! She also customizes her jewellery to match your sari or outfit. Her pieces are so versatile! They go beautifully with Indian outfits as well as Western outfits.

Her studio is a treasure trove of wonderful pieces, beads & stones. Anything is possible! And in all price ranges! In fact, I was there with a friend who needed some gifts for the US. Once we were done shopping for the friends, we shopped for us! The girls in the shop tweaked the jewellery to our liking while we waited! It was a wonderful experience!!

If you haven't been to StyleAura™, please make an appointment and meet Ruchi to see her beautiful & unique jewellery. You'll be glad you went!

- Kiran Shah, Avid Traveller

StyleAura Happy Customer - Kiran Shah